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Kids are cute—and they’re dirty. Don’t get us wrong. No one loves kids more than pediatric dentists—we get to work on their heartwarming smiles every day. It’s one of the

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Adults—concerned parents in particular—often find themselves asking, “Why do babies put everything in their mouth?” It seems like anything they can get their little hands o

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There’s a question that keeps every good dental and oral health professional up at night: Why do some people fear visiting the dentist? Is it that the chair isn’t comfortable e

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Is there anything cuter or more endearing than your baby’s toothless, gummy smile? Maybe there’s a cat video out there that comes close. Or one of those adorable puppies with..

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They grow up so fast, don’t they? One minute, they’re all goo-goo-gaga and gums and the next thing you know, they’re driving themselves off to university and complaining abou

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If you’re anything like us, you’re not particularly fond of bitter, blustery, Baltic winter weather. However, even the greenest Grinch would have to agree that winter sports ar

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Getting our children into the habit of cleaning their rooms—and keeping them that way for more than five minutes—is a character-building challenge that any parent can relate to

Child Dentistry, Dental Tips

There’s something funny about the holidays. We spend most of the year making sure that our children eat healthy foods. We steer them clear of that bag of chips—and then...

Child Dentistry

According to the Canadian Dental Association, tooth decay is one of the most common chronic diseases during childhood in Canada. For reference, about 23.6% of children have at leas

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As parents, we are always looking out for what’s best for our children. But when it comes to overall health (your kids or your own), there is a lot of misinformation...

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