Sleep & Sedation Dentistry

An Alternative for Anxious Children.

Many patients come to us with different needs and feelings about the dentist. We see many patients that have varying levels of anxiety or a lot of treatment to complete in one appointment. For this, we offer different levels of dental sedation options. Each child/youth is unique and requires a customized treatment based on their needs. If you know that your child has fear of the dentist, we encourage you to share this with us, so that we can plan the best care for them. Our doctors will work with you and your child to decide which sedation option, if any, would be an appropriate course of treatment.

Our Dentists, Specialists and Anesthesiologist offer three levels of dental sedation for children at Treehouse Dental Care:

Nitrous oxide sedation (also known as laughing gas)

Nitrous gas is a sedative used to help patients relax during their dental visit, allowing the doctor to effectively treat them. Nitrous gas is a blend of oxygen and nitrous oxide. Before the procedure, a fitted mask is placed over the patient’s nose. As they breathe, the blend is absorbed through the lungs. At the end of the treatment, the nitrous gas is removed and has no lingering effects. One of the side effects during treatment is a sense of contentment and relaxation. This is one of the reasons why nitrous gas is also known as “laughing gas”. The use of nitrous gas is very safe, as it is rapidly absorbed, is reversible, and can be adjusted in concentration. The patient is fully conscious and keeps all of their natural reflexes while absorbing the nitrous gas.

Oral conscious sedation

Another alternative for helping nervous patients relax at the dentist’s office is the use of sedation. This type of sedation tends to produce feelings of drowsiness and relaxation and is not meant to make the patient unconscious. Oral sedation may also be recommended as it makes it easier for the dentist to provide treatment, along with preventing accidents that may result from uncontrolled movements in an anxious, uncooperative patient. 

General anesthesia

This is a deep level of sedation used for patients with extreme anxiety. It can be used for patients with strong gag reflexes and is good for young children and those who require extensive treatment. The patient will be in a state of unconsciousness during the procedure. It must be requested in advance of the appointment.

Read our blog on Sedation for kids to get a more detailed explanation of all the options.

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