About Us

Providing the highest quality of care in a child-friendly and fun environment. 

Our Treehouse Dental Pediatric Specialists, Dentists and Orthodontists in Toronto, Etobicoke and Thornhill have been working with patients in the Greater Toronto Area for over forty years. We care for children of all ages, abilities and comfort levels.

It is our goal, through the services that we provide, that we help children, youth and adolescents build the foundation they need to maintain healthy and happy smiles as they grow up. We do this by engaging with them at every visit through fun activities, patient comforts and education. A fun toy to take home or a bravery certificate helps, too!

How their time and experience is spent with us is so vital in ensuring that they are inspired and motivated to take charge of their oral health. We do everything we can to make sure they enjoy their visit, feel comfortable and leave with the tools they need to make the Tooth-Fairy take notice.

We understand that all kids are different, and some may experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. Treehouse Dental Care offers a wide variety of services in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We also offer General Anesthesia Days so that patients who require extra support can be treated in a comfortable space.

Our Mission

With our comprehensive Pediatric and Orthodontic Dental Services, we provide all patients, regardless of need, comforting care through tenderness and love.

Our mission is to build loyal relationships for a generation by providing each patient with an engaging experience that exceeds expectations.

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