Most people now know what Invisalign is, but many still have questions about this very non-traditional approach to teeth straightening. When you connect with one of our Orthodontists, you’ll be comforted to know that the results equal those of traditional wire braces. What makes this method most appealing is that it eliminates the social repercussions of wearing wire brackets.

Reasons Parents and Patients Choose Invisalign:

  • Clear aligners are virtually invisible, so people won’t know you are wearing them.
  • Treatment and price are customized based on your child’s needs.
  • With new advancements in Aligner Technology, treatment duration, depending on the case, might be cut in half.
  • Ability to remove aligners to eat meals and brush thoroughly

What you need to keep in mind when considering Invisalign as your teeth straightening option… 

The benefits of Invisalign seem too good to be true, but parents/caregivers need to consider lifestyle factors that may alter the success or duration of treatment. Aligners need to be worn all the time. Although they can be removed to brush and eat, they must be worn as prescribed for optimal results. If you feel that your child may lack the maturity to wear them all of the time, you may want to consider permanent, traditional braces.

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