5 Tips to Be the Best Tooth Fairy

Our Dental Blog | Info & tips | 01.15.2023

Do you remember the very first tooth you ever lost? Do you remember the build-up of excitement as it started to wiggle more and more, or the shock once it actually fell out? Maybe you got to wear one of those plastic teeth necklaces that held the missing bone if you lost it at school, or had an older sibling yank it out. The point is– losing teeth is an exciting moment for children and a memory we all cherish. That’s why creating a magical tooth fairy moment for your kids is so important.

Feeling the pressure now? Don’t worry– Treehouse Dental Care has you covered with tips and tricks to transform you from a parenting hero into a magical tooth fairy!

How to Be the Best Tooth Fairy

The most important thing to remember about being the tooth fairy is to have fun. Part of the magic in losing a tooth is the excitement your child will share with you and their peers. So take this time to get excited about teeth!

Depending on how extravagant you want to make the experience, you have a lot of options. The Tooth Fairy is a mysterious character with a story that you can fill the gaps in. So personalize the event to your kid’s needs, and master our Tooth Fairy techniques. With a little luck and love, your child will wake up to a lost tooth and a lifelong memory.

The Basics

As with most parenting tasks, being the tooth fairy gets easier as your kids get older. Most kids begin to lose their baby teeth around the ages of 6 to 8, and that’s a big variance for kids so young. And if you have more than one child in this age range, make sure not to overdo it! With more than one set of teeth being lost at a time in one household, the Tooth Fairy is going to be extra busy!

So while an older child might be happiest with a toy or a toonie, younger children could be happiest with some glitter and a toonie. But don’t worry– we’ll get into the specifics later.

For now, consider the following basic elements of a Tooth Fairy visit:

  • Glitter that looks like pixie dust
  • A handwritten note
  • A kiss on the forehead in colourful lipstick

Don’t forget, fairies are magical creatures that are spontaneous and fun! So get creative with your choices here and make the moment special. A child who is more excited about their teeth will develop positive habits in the long run.

Now let’s get into the tips that every pro pixie needs!

1. Plan the visit beforehand

Besides having fun, this is the most important step. You never know exactly when a child is going to lose a tooth, so having the materials for the Tooth Fairy’s visit on hand is essential. Sure, you’ll be able to guess when the tooth will fall out, but it’s always better to be prepared. Make sure you have the item you want to swap the tooth with available, and always have your pixie materials on hand: glitter, and any other colourful, shiny things that are exciting.

The tooth fairy’s visit is an opportunity for you and your child to build bridges to better habits. So use this magical moment to get over dental anxiety– and take a look at our article here for even more tips on how to be comfortable with dental care.

2. Don’t forget

Would you want to be the one child that the Tooth Fairy forgot? Of course not! So make sure you set your alarms or do whatever is necessary to remind yourself on the night of. With all the technology in our world keeping us organized, you have all the tools you need to never miss an important moment in your child’s life like this.

One of the ways you can remember is to get yourself excited. If you’re looking for some inspiration about becoming a Tooth Fairy, check out this article from Forbes on the history of the myth here. With more backstory and fun brought to this character, you might even create a fun family tradition for the years to come!

3. Don’t Overhype the Tooth Fairy

Especially if you have more than one child, it’s a good idea to keep things simple. And kids don’t need much to make a magical memory. Just the thought that a magical being with wings came to take a lost tooth is exciting enough! A little bit of glitter and a toonie can go a long way if the story you tell and the energy you share are up to par!

4. Stock up!

Here’s another good tip to follow if you have more than one kid. But because kids lose so many teeth so quickly, it’s always a good idea to keep stocked up. Make sure you’ve got change on hand, or toys or prizes. Have some glitter and some colourful things, like a pen or lipstick. It’s the little things that go a long way. You don’t need to hide an air hockey table underneath your child’s pillow to make the visit exciting!

5. Use the Dentist to Get Your Child Excited

If you call ahead and let your dentist know your plans, you can use a regular dental check-up to get your kid excited about the Tooth Fairy. No one is more excited about teeth than our team at Grundy Family Dental Care! When you’re in for your next visit, we can talk about the Tooth Fairy and make it fun! We’re like the professional authority– if the dentist is talking about the Tooth Fairy, it must be real! We’ll make sure to throw in some fun facts and make it an opportunity to build good habits. We are specialists in pediatric dentistry after all!

Get Excited About the Tooth Fairy with Treehouse Dental Care

You can expect your child to lose all twenty of their teeth within a couple of years. This time is going to fly by, so make sure you create some memories to look back on. Remember to be prepared, stay stocked up, and make it fun! Glitter is a fairy’s secret weapon! And don’t forget to make up a fun story about the Tooth Fairy, or look online for some more inspiration.

The team at Treehouse Dental Care is experts at making taking care of teeth fun! So bring your kid into our offices for a regular check-up and we’ll make sure their smile is in the best condition possible by the time the Tooth Fairy comes for a visit.

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