Early Orthodontic Treatment for Primary Aged Children

The American and Canadian Associations of Orthodontists recommend Orthodontic screening for all children by the age of 7. Misaligned (crooked) and malocclusion (bad bite) problems are growth-related and have to do with the position, shape and size of the jaw, which is why it is ideal to assess children when they are young.

Scheduling a complimentary screening with our Orthodontist will help parents plan for their child’s future needs or put them at ease if concerns are unwarranted.

Three reasons why parents love early Orthodontic Treatment

  • Potentially eliminate treatment during socially sensitive years
  • Avoid invasive surgery in teenage years
  • Primary children are fully engaged with their treatment allowing them to pick colours, images or even sparkle to match their personality

Does Early Treatment replace the need for Braces later?

Approximately 70% of Early Treatment patients do not require further treatment. However, the majority of patients and their parents are pleased with the results and do not wish to pursue further treatment.

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