10 Crazy Teeth Facts You’ll Never Forget

Our Dental Blog | Info & tips | 09.18.2022

Have you ever been standing in the shower thoughtlessly and suddenly you wonder– what are teeth even made of? Why don’t we have fangs like a vampire? And what’s going on with that flap in the back of the throat? You would think that we would all know a great deal about a body part we use so often. We eat and drink every day, and we use our teeth to speak! But they still contain many mysteries! So, here are some mindboggling and interesting facts about teeth from Treehouse Dental Care that you can share with your child (or cool friends) to make them more interested in dental care.

Establishing good habits as soon as possible is critical to long-term oral health. Treehouse Dental Care have decades of experience getting kids to enjoy their time at the dentist, so keep reading to see how you can bring that excitement into your daily routine!

10 Interesting Teeth Facts to Share With Kids

Arm yourself with these 10 facts and not only will you be the coolest person at your next office party, but you’ll also excite and energize your child into better oral health habits.

1. They are the toughest part of your body

Your teeth go through an incredible amount of wear and tear throughout your life. And with good luck and proper care, they endure it for the most part. That’s because your teeth are made of Calcium and Phosphate, which is what your bones are made of. What makes the enamel of your teeth even stronger are special proteins and minerals that boost hardness and durability. That makes them the hardest part of your body!

2. Plaque is the enemy

It doesn’t take long for plaque to become a big problem. The longer you leave plaque in your mouth, the more risk to your health. It only takes just 40 hours of not regular brushing and flossing for plaque to start mineralizing. In just a few days, that turns to tartar. And you know that can’t be good! So brush and floss and conquer dentists’ greatest foe!

3. Your teeth are really unique

Just like your fingerprints, your teeth are so unique they can identify you! That’s right, you are the sole owner of your smile! No one else can do it as well as you can, so you might as well flash it proudly whenever you can!

4. Floss is tough stuff

Of course, you can imagine floss used to clean your teeth, but in a tough spot, it can work other miracles. A West Virginian inmate once used it to braid a rope and escape in 1992!

5. There’s nothing like a pearly white smile

Many studies have revealed that a majority of people are attracted to others by their smile alone. And here’s a bonus fact just for fun. You use more muscles when you smile than when you frown!

5 More of The Strangest Teeth Facts

Alright, we started out easy. But these next facts will really stick in your head! Keep reading to learn about Neolithic dentists and the insane tooth production of a shark!

Sometimes fun teeth facts aren’t enough. So if you’re looking for some games to play that encourage kids to brush their teeth, check out our article here.

6. Humans didn’t struggle with crooked teeth until agriculture was invented

According to the bone record, scientists have deduced that it wasn’t until farming became a mainstay for Homo sapiens that crooked teeth appeared in fossils. As humans shifted from hunting and gathering to softer foods that required less chewing, the theory states that our jaws slowly became shorter and wider over time. But our teeth haven’t caught up with this change just yet, and that’s why they can sometimes have alignment issues.

7. The oldest known filling in the world is 6,500 years old and it’s made of beeswax

The fillings belong to a Neolithic man, around 24 to 30 years old. Scientists noticed that one of his teeth had a crack fitted with a perfectly sized cap of beeswax. That suggests that Neolithic humans may have used the materials to fill their cavities! Can you imagine a Neolithic dentist?

8. Your salivary glands work overdrive

Before vomiting, your salivary glands flood your mouth. Have you ever noticed that you sometimes drool before being sick? That’s an ancient physiological reaction designed to protect your mouth, teeth included, from the harmful acidic contents of your stomach. It’s like an automated-internal security system for your teeth!

9. Sharks grow their teeth back endlessly

What’s a shark without its deadly bite? Something in between a seal and a whale, we’d guess. Lucky for these deadly predators, sharks can replace old or missing teeth over and over again. On average, a shark will produce 20,000-40,000 teeth over its lifetime. So count yourself lucky the human teething period is so short compared to sharks!

10. Knocked your tooth out? It can be saved if you’re fast and lucky!

Only consider the following interesting fact in emergency situations! Seriously, call a dentist if you lose your tooth. That being said, there are cases of knocked-out teeth reattaching. It only works if the tooth is cleaned and very gently and accurately pushed back into the socket. The human body has an incredible healing capacity.

Why It Is Important to Get Your Child Excited About Dental Care

Establishing proper oral hygiene habits in your child as soon as possible is very important. The earlier that regular brushing and flossing becomes a normal, everyday thing, the easier it is for your child to maintain those habits into adulthood. And by getting your child excited about their teeth, you’re leading by example. Your enthusiasm is infectious! You’ll probably find yourself improving your own habits yourself after reading these interesting facts. So share them with your child and get them thinking about their teeth in an interesting and positive way.

Here are some tips you can try to help your child get excited about brushing and flossing their teeth:

  • Use music! Play an educational and fun song about teeth brushing, or play a fun song that everyone can jam out to when it’s time to brush their teeth.
  • Set a reward. It doesn’t have to be large or even an item. Using simple rewards for brushing teeth can be a very effective strategy to promote good habits. Positive feedback goes a long way!
  • Invent a story. Use your knowledge of oral health to make up a story about your super strong teeth and the need to protect them from the bad guys: plaque and tartar. If you can make it fun enough, you’ll find your child eager to brush their teeth and defeat them once and for all!

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get your child excited about brushing and flossing their teeth. All you need to do is use some interesting facts about teeth and inventive delivery to get them regularly taking care of their teeth.

Get More Interesting Teeth Facts With Treehouse Dental

You can safely bet that when you come into our offices across the GTA, you’ll be met with dental jokes and facts in abundance. And we only scratched the surface in this article! So keep an eye out on our blog for more crazy teeth facts, or contact us to book an appointment and get them in person.

Treehouse Dental Care has offices in Etobicoke, Thornhill and Toronto. Our pediatric specialists, dentists, and orthodontists take pride in ensuring a positive experience for every child we welcome into our fun and safe offices. If you’re looking to give your child a good start on their smile journey, don’t hesitate to reach out. Or take a closer look at our services here so you can see our comprehensive approach to pediatric dentistry.

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