Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids at Home

Our Dental Blog | Info & tips | 09.23.2020

For most of us, the reality is that our kids are going to be home for quite some time.

And while we love seeing our jitterbugs more than normal during our isolation, we can’t help but notice a lot of us were running out of ideas for lunches that are not only healthy but are also quick to make, so we can get back to our busy days working from home.

So, to help all the parents of picky eaters, hectic mornings, and jungle-gym kitchens, here are some recipes and ideas to get you back on top of your lunch schedule, while providing nutritious and delicious meals.

The Assembly Line

While we can’t (and personally wouldn’t want to right now) attend a buffet restaurant, there is certainly something exciting about filling your own plate with all your favourites.

This can be done with taco fillings, assorted vegetables with dips, snacks such as yogurts, and whatever else you feel like snagging off your pantry or refrigerator shelf.

It might not feel like the most extravagant solution, but your children will be happy, as well as engaged, to piece together a mishmash of delectable treats.

As well, wraps and sandwiches are the perfect way to get their hands moving and helping. Set up stations of condiments and toppings and let your kids have fun building the ultimate meal.

As an extra activity, have your little ones write their recipes and name their concoctions. That way you’ll be able to make “Master Mike’s” sandwich every week!

Shish Kebabs (Shashlik)

With summer in full swing, you can be rest assured Canadians have been breaking out their BBQs for weeks.

For lunches, there is no better quick BBQ meal that everyone can enjoy than grilled Shish Kebabs. Skewered meats and vegetables tossed on the grill and cooked together.

What could be simpler than that?

To make it easier on yourself as a parent, try prepping your meats and veggies a night ahead. This will allow you to employ your children to help with the skewering of their own kebabs, as well, it allows you to be creative with your flavours and marinate your meats overnight in the refrigerator.


There is no other ingredient that can be used to make so many varying meals. Eggs can be used to create fluffy pancakes to hearty stir-fries.

Not only versatile, but eggs are also quick to cook and can even be prepped ahead for a week of meal planning.

To help create a wide variety of meals with eggs as your centrepiece you’ll need to practice boiling as well as pan cooking. Scrambled, sunny-side up, poached, hard or soft-boiled, emulsification, sauces, desserts. There are so many possibilities and creations that can be made, just get creative!

Shopping Tips to Keep You Going

They say the tip to keep cooking and remaining healthy is dependent upon a stocked kitchen.

A lot of people who find their motivation to make consistent meals will eventually burn out and get upset simply because they were missing one ingredient for a dish. But don’t let little bumps in the road discourage you. Some of the best meals were invented in a pinch!

Take note of your weekly must-haves and restock on them every grocery trip. This can be yogurt, bananas, apples, flour, eggs, bread, etc.

Just make sure to hit all your food groups and purchase healthy carbs and proteins where possible (pears, apples, egg whites, chickpeas etc.)

Another popular tip from fellow COVID isolators around the world is to keep a sourdough starter handy. While making your own bread does take some commitment, the sourdough process helps to break down the anti-nutrients in bread that commercial yeasts cannot.

Lectins and Phytates in bread products block our ability to absorb nutrients and minerals, but the lactobacillus culture found within sourdough makes both these AND gluten easier for us to digest.

So, give it a shot.

Especially if you have ever been concerned with gluten intolerance. This might be your answer to loving bread once again.

Holistic Approach to Health

Healthiness doesn’t stop nor start in the kitchen.

It requires a holistic approach from your diet to mental and physical health. To truly take care of yourself and your children, you’ll need the help of professionals.

And no one is better to have on your side than Treehouse Dental Care!

We are ready to be apart of your whole health team. We’re just a call and consultation away from helping your children live their best lives. Reach out today to set up your first appointment!

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