Tips on Taking Care of Braces

Our Dental Blog | Info & tips | 08.05.2020

As with any costly investment, you want it to be protected and maintained. The same goes for a house, a car…. And braces?

While it may not be as accessible as a corvette in a garage, braces will construct a beautiful smile and exuberant confidence for you or your child.

Nonetheless, while plenty of individuals make the choice for braces, few will keep their investment as clean and tidy as they need to – potentially resulting in gingivitis, halitosis, and several other dental health care issues. Not to mention the potential for braces to become damaged.

So, what are our tips on ensuring your child’s future smile will look stupendous after braces while also taking the best care of this invaluable piece of dental hardware?

Brush Your Braces and Your Teeth

Braces are comparable to having a kitchen strainer strapped to your teeth. Food is going burrow away like never before.

So, while your teeth may be getting straighter, bacteria and food debris will be attracted to your braces like moths to a flame.

It is imperative to brush your teeth, floss, and massage the gum line, as per usual dentist recommendations. However, with the addition of braces, your brushing technique will have to adapt.

Make sure the bristles go in and around wire connections, paying special attention to back molars, where cheek tissue helps trap debris.

Tools of the Trade

Braces pose a barrier between you and your teeth.

The thing is, brushing and flossing doesn’t have to be so hard when you invest in the proper tools.

Pick up floss threaders and Soft-Picks for food debris removal. Purchase an electric toothbrush to help protect the delicate hardware of braces while allowing you to massage your gums. You might find it worthwhile to pick up a water or air flosser for a more mechanical solution to a cleaner mouth.

Whatever you choose, know that your smile will thank you in the long run.

Remember Regular Visits to Your Dentist

Your dentist won’t expect you to get the perfect clean at home. That is why it is recommended to stay on top of your regular dentist visits.

Dental hygienists are trained and have specialized tools made for removing hard stuck-on tartar, cleaning plaque, and getting to the hard to reach nooks and crannies within your mouth.

Consider these check-ups as much needed pampering for your teeth and gums. They will need it!

Guard Yourself

Most of us who had or have braces will be teenagers. Inevitably, they will be active in sports and extra-curriculars outside of school.

While braces materials are made to be strong when realigning your teeth, outward pressure can bend wires and dislodge brackets.

Whenever taking part in physical activity that can result in an injury to the jaw, wear a mouth guard to protect not only your teeth but also your braces, cheeks and gums from potential punctures or tears.

Sweets and Treats

While treats are never great for your teeth, eating hard candy or gummy worm will always be met with pleasure.

When it comes to braces, making a choice for chocolate might be your best choice for healthy teeth. Chocolate melts quickly in any stubborn areas, where something like toffee would easily burrow away and exacerbate plaque growth.

So, review your choices when you decide to treat yourself.

Care After Removal

Once you or your child’s braces are taken off, there is most likely going to be some tooth sensitivity. Think of it as removing a cast after a broken bone. There will be a period of rehabilitation for your jaw to get used to its new position.

This is where retainers come in handy!

This little piece of plastic acts to preserve the hard work braces have pulled over the years. They reinforce your teeth, bone, and soft tissue until they have settled.

The length of time that retainers need to be worn varies in between cases and apparatus chosen. Just follow your orthodontist’s recommendations and do your best to keep an eye on your retainer – they have a knack for going missing.

Not Sure If You Need Braces?

Making the choice for braces is a costly one. For this reason, we always suggest having this discussion with your dentist to see what options are right for you or your child.

As always, Treehouse Dental Care is here to answer any questions and help assess the need for orthodontic therapy. Book your virtual consultation today!

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